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VIDEO: Counter Offer = Career Suicide

Why does a company make a counter-offer?

It buys your employer the time they need to find your replacement!!

By telling your employer you are going to leave for another company (or even hint that you are thinking about going to another company), you have broken their trust.

However, they want to replace you on their terms, NOT YOURS!!

 60% of those who accept a Counter-Offer are gone from the company in 6 months!

► 80% in 12 months!

How do we know? Recruiters have been given those confidential assignments for finding the replacements for those who have accepted a counter-offer!

Do NOT accept an offer from a new employer until you know you are ready to move on from your current employer. Using an offer from a new employer to get more money or other benefits from your current employer (new title, new role, new geography, etc.) only leads to career suicide.

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