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OK, you've finally made the decision to seek a new job. You may have become dissatisfied with your current position or you merely want to "test the water" to see what opportunities may exist for you. What's next?

Most people first turn to the "job boards," e.g.,, CareerBuilder, classified newspaper ads, specialty publicatioln ads, etc., and that's certainly not a bad first move. At least you can get an inkling of what types of positions, if any, may currently be available in your field of expertise.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that not all positions are going to be found online or in the classifieds. As a matter of fact, statistics show that many good positions are not to be found in these sources. That's where a professional recruiting firm like ours, The HTW Group, can assist you.

Since we're in the marketplace literally every day, we have a firm grasp of and extensive knowledge about the state of the employment market at any given point in time. We're in continual contact with a broad range of hiring companies in the Chemical and Engineering industries. That means we know who is hiring, the types of positions they are trying to fill, the salaries and benefits being offered, etc. Valuable information, wouldn't you agree?

Also there is the matter of marketing oneself to potential hiring companies. You've undoubtedly heard the adage that goes like this: A lawyer who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client.

Now, while we certainly don't view our prospective candidate pools as consisting of "fools," we do know that we're in a far, far better position to market candidates to hiring companies than they are themselves! Why? Well, marketing candidates to hiring companies is something we do every single working day! Conversely, how frequently does the average person "market" himself or herself for a new career opportunity?

So, when you're ready to begin your new career search, it can significantly benefit you to contact us. Whether you're looking for a new career as a chemical engineer, civil engineer, chemist, chemical salesperson, etc., if it's in the Chemical or Engineering fields, we probably can help you, and help you greatly!

Of course, there are never any fees charged to candidates for our services. The hiring companies pay all fees associated with recruiting activities.

Candidates are also absolutely guaranteed CONFIDENTIALITY. We guarantee that any communication you have with us will be kept in the strictest confidence, until YOU tell us to treat it otherwise.

Ready to get started on you exciting, new career search? Contact us TODAY!