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Our Approach to Recruiting

How We Recruit
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for the Best Companies.

There are many companies today that bill themselves as professional "recruiters," but the truth of the matter is that far too many are actually nothing more than "resume throwers." That is, they throw as many resumes as possible "against the wall" and hope enough of them "stick" to pay the bills!

We take a somewhat different, far more professional approach to recruiting.

All job orders we receive from client companies get the attention, respect, diligence and commitment they deserve from The HTW Group, a member of the MRI Network, the largest, most successful executive search firm in the World.

We begin by first gaining a thorough understanding of precisely the type of candidate the client is seeking, e.g., number of years experience, educational background, experience, salary range, etc. Then we determine precisely the functions the client company will expect the successful candidate to perform.

How do we accomplish these tasks? Simple. We LISTEN!

Since each search is unique, we do original work only. After understanding the client's specific requirements, we begin a recruiting campaign in the marketplace to identify, qualify and recruit the right talent. We quite literally "pull out all the stops" until we can present fully qualified candidates to our client. That's just how serious we take our business! And, that's also why both candidates and client companies benefit from working with us.